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Silverfish are a pest of paper items and some fabrics. They are nocturnal and infrequently seen - they typically inhabit cupboards and the cavity areas of the building.

They eat foods containing proteins and carbohydrates (e.g. rolled oats, flour, starch, sugar, glue, linen and some synthetic fibres.) Feeding marks are irregular and may not even penetrate paper.

Silverfish Consume small amounts of human foods. And cause contamination with scales and droppings. Considerable damage to natural/synthetic fibres, books and other paper products while trying to feed on glues or other starchy substances (e.g. wallpaper). Sometimes leave yellow stains, especially on linens. Both the adults and nymphs are considered pests.

Because of a preference for darker, secluded areas, susceptible commodities such as books etc should be checked and if necessary storage of such items changed to environments less suited to silverfish.

Excellent control results can be obtained using pyrethroid dusts and micro-mists.