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The most common species are Black Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice. While mice and rats are common, outdoor-dwelling rodents in both urban and suburban areas throughout the Top End regions, a sudden change in their environment can quickly trigger these animals to seek shelter in nearby homes and businesses. Although the most common cause for this relocation seems to be the onset the wet season, factors such as new construction, excavation and demolition can all contribute to a sudden influx of activity indoors.

Due to the health risks associated with these pests, eliminating their presence is of key importance. Areas where these rodents frequent can quickly become polluted with urine and faecal droppings. Stored food products are also subject to contamination from gnawing and rodent hair. In fact, rodents contaminate more food through contact, hair and faeces than they do with what they eat.

The common house mouse will range from 60cm to 90cm long weighing only around 20gm to 30gm. Rats, on the other hand, are considerable larger at 190cm to 250cm in length and can weigh as much as a 500gm. Since both of these animals are nocturnal by nature, daytime sightings are rare except in cases of heavy infestation. With this in mind, it becomes very important to look for signs indicating their presence such as droppings, evidence of gnawing (especially around entrance points like pipe chases, garage doors, etc.), "rub marks" along baseboards, open garage and shed roofing timbers, as well as noise coming from ceilings and walls in the middle of the night